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We regularly respond to requests from parents as a result of a worrying change in their child's behaviour, usually caused by a problem outside the family circle.

For example, we can set up surveillance to identify problems related to undesirable social contacts, drug use and/or trafficking ... We also intervene in the search for runaway youngsters.

We also intervene in the prenuptial period in order to verify the honorability of the future bride or groom.

In the context of a married couple, one party may ask us to look for elements that constitute marital infidelity or to check the other’s movements at particular times.

In the context of divorce proceedings, we intervene to determine whether a person has abandoned his or her home, to prepare a statement of adultery by a bailiff or to prove any fault on the part of the spouse.

We can also look for sources of income or assets of a spouse who may try to minimise the amount of maintenance due through a fraudulent insolvency claim.

Post-divorce, we can verify child custody conditions or provide evidence of non-respect for access or find evidence that may lead to a review of the financial conditions for payment of existing support.

In the context of genealogical research, inheritance or heir hunting, we can search for persons with whom contact has been lost, their descendants or their dependants.

We can also search for persons with the simple aim of getting back in touch, but only on the express terms that the request is legitimate. This research will be conducted in strict compliance with privacy regulations.



Founded in 2003, the BruCIS agency has accumulated almost 15 years of experience as well as considerable know-how and is recognised by many corporate executives and legal professionals. The human dimension of our business is at the heart of our relationships both within our own team and also with our clients and partners, because we believe it is fundamental to a relationship of mutual trust and successful collaboration.


Each application must be legitimate and will be analysed with the utmost care to allow us to advise our clients in their best interests, to define the means to be used and the modus operandi best suited to the situation. Our clients are given regular progress reports throughout the investigations. At the end of the assignment, we prepare and submit a precisely detailed investigation report, supplemented if necessary by photographs / videos and / or supporting documents.


All the elements of our investigation report aim to establish the truth and defend the interests of our clients. The investigation report and its supporting documents may, if necessary, be used in a court of law. Our private detectives and partners meet the same regulatory and ethical requirements. They exercise the utmost discretion and are subject to the strict respect of the duty of confidentiality.

Expertise and skills to protect your interests!

Member of the Belgian National Professional Union of Private Detectives

Member of the Professional Association of Insurance’s experts and investigators